Price Management Suite

Sustained maximum profitability demands precision pricing and short time-to-market cycles for program and market changes. Lenders must also respond and price to regional- and channel-specific distinctions in the marketplace. Innovient's Price Management Suite is the single source solution.



Centralized Enterprise-Wide Pricing

  • Administer pricing as a corporate dashboard with the innovative rules interface.
  • Make global changes to select channels and/or programs with the innovative Rules Wizard.
  • Manage spreads to price, note rate and ARM margins.
  • Manage pricing at multiple layered levels.
    • Origination type (retail, wholesale, net branch, ...)
    • Channel
    • Regional
    • Product
    • Branch
    • Branch & product - specific
  • Customize attributes for each pricing entity.
    • Display adjusted pricing as price or points.
    • Specify rounding rules (precision and tolerances).
    • Optionally filter rates with negative convexity or capped prices.
    • Tailor logos and information in published prices.
    • Enable / disable product availability.
    • Price to a specific execution or the best of many.

Single Source for All Pricing Mediums

  • Lenders today are challenged to balance the inevitable migration to automated point-of-sale pricing, while continuing to reach out to a large sector of the marketplace still rooted in spreadsheets and hard copy rate sheets. The Price Management Suite is the answer for lenders at any stage of the automation continuum.
  • Simultaneously disseminate daily adjusted base prices across multiple mediums.
    • XML
    • Delimited files
    • Spreadsheets
    • PDFs
  • Export externally to point-of-sale pricing partners.
  • Export internally for financial management.
  • Automatically archive and catalog all mediums