Precision Buying and Selling

In today's marketplace, investor commitments are increasingly complex and shorter in duration, in many cases with daily investor deltas. Optimizing execution and profitablility in this environment requires frequent comparative analysis of - and re-tooling to - new terms and outlets.

When evaluating, pricing and delivering to the many execution options available, numerous economic variables must be considered. Many are difficult to calculate with precision, or are overlooked altogether. Innovient's Optimizer is the solution.



Extensive Execution Library

  • Rapid Deployments of New Outlets:
    • MSR Valuations
    • Co-Issue Flow
    • Assignment of Trade / Direct Trade
    • GSEs – Securities, WAC Securities, Cash
    • Popular Best Efforts
    • Bulk Bids
    • Custom

Optimized Buying and Selling

  • Role-based (buyer / seller) optimization:
    • Mark-to-market
    • Best-execution / allocation
    • Gross pricing
    • Bulk bidding
    • Live mandatory pricing module
    • Extensive comparative analytics
    • Comprehensive loan eligibility

Industry’s Best Price Discovery

  • Executions ranked and compared with customizable views
  • Intuitive and transparent summary of economics and timeframes
  • Granular drill-downs itemize all economic components and their derivations
  • Customizable optimization and pricing output
  • Data Dictionary supports all economic components and data elements

Comprehensive Execution Stratifications

  • Seller- and buyer-facing break-down of optimized pools.
  • Customizable loan attributes and tranche sizes.
  • Actionable data delivered:
    • Evaluate buyer strengths and weaknesses by loan characteristic
    • Produce investor “report cards” prior to delivery
    • Identify potential adverse selection
    • Monitor delivery limitations
    • Support informed effective contract negotiations
    • Reveal origination and sale trends