The capture, monitoring and rapid response to market movements are all essential to maximum profitability and competitiveness. Open-based price changes from market data providers requires continual recalculations by mortgage professionals to monitor market movement. Changing data providers also requires siginificant re-tooling of custom models. Innovient's Market Data Module is the mortgage professional's solution.




  • Click to capture a snapshot of the securities and indices for pricing and/or analytics.
  • Fully integrated with the Optimizer
  • Monitor intra-day and overnight price changes from the point of capture (versus the day's open).
  • Chose from - and seamlessly move across - mulitple data providers:
    • Refinitiv Eikon™
    • Bloomberg
    • Tradeweb

Tailor Display Settings to Your Environment

  • Optional Freddie Mac Securities
  • Optional Security Rolls
  • Highlight benchmark coupons for each security
  • Use the automated par coupon or specify your own benchmarks.

Customize Price Sensitivities and Notifications

  • Specify independent sensitivity levels for positive and negative price movement.
  • Limit sensitivity to benchmarks coupons or all coupons
  • Choose one or both notification methods:
    • Highlight onscreen (reverse video)
    • Email
    • Text Messages

Historical Archival of Market Prices and Indices

  • Quickly page through date/time-stamped archives of past market captures
  • Easily perform historical analysis within the Market Performance Suite.