Company Overview

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, Innovient is the leader in secondary mortgage market optimization and product price management for the mortgage banking industry. Our philosophy is that next to people, information is a company's most valuable asset. Harnessing this intrinsic asset is essential to maximizing an organization's potential.

Our products and services focus on leveraging information to reveal actionable statistics for efficient management of your business. Organization and presentation of information are not an after-thought, but rather an integral part of creating tools where business-critical information "jumps off the page".


About the President

Mr. Kramer began his career in mortgage banking in 1985, after several years in information technology. He has held senior level management positions with several major mortgage banking firms including Prudential Home Mortgage Company, Inc. and HomeSide Lending, Inc. with a focus in capital markets / secondary marketing disciplines.

In Mr. Kramer's years of financial services and technology leadership, he has a proven background in organizational development, building high performance teams, as well as cost analysis, profit improvement, and process redesign. He is accomplished in the application and deployment of technology-based business solutions, and is experienced in strategic, transactional, and managerial assignments with substantial growth companies.



Consider All The Economics To Maximize Your MBS Profits --  April 2003 Secondary Marketing Executive